Just A Little Gold...

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It's no secret that I am a lover of all things neutral when it comes to decor. But I admit that neutral decor needs a little spice. Little touches of gold does the trick for me. I just like a little, not so much that one would be uncomfortable touching things. These are some of my favorite things right now from a few of my favorite boutiques (Pieces, Jayson Home and Design Darling). They all work in traditional or modern environments, which I love. I have the gold tray (#8) and I love it's versatility. It can hold keys, jewelry, perfume or be perfectly fine on it's own. 

P.S. I tried to apply a budget to my items, but it didn't quite work out... :)

And another thing... If you are ever in Atlanta, you have GOT to stop by Pieces. Just amazing...

Oh and one more thing... I woke up at 1AM this morning to make some changes to this post. Do you ever have random ideas for blog posts in the middle of the night? Just asking...

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  1. Loving all of this gold. I have the gold leaf tray and love it! And no, it's not weird of you to wake up and fix your post :)

  2. hahaha glad to know I'm not the only one thinking about the blog while sleeping! I've found that is better to let a post sit for a while before hitting "publish", a lot of times I get better ideas (at least they seem better to me, wink!).
    Ok, back to the post, LOVE it all of course, especially the trays! I WANT!!

  3. What rock have I been hiding under? Definitely going to check Pieces out! Loving your inspiration pics.

  4. LOVE a touch of gold..and you nailed it with these beautiful choices!!!!

  5. I'm with you, I love a touch of gold here and there. I really like all these items but especially the lamp and the feather tray. I can relate on the whole posting thing! I tend to do that during random times - in bed, drying my hair, driving...I think those can sometimes be the best ideas though :)

  6. So many pretty things! I am dying to visit Pieces in Atlanta. I have never been! Thanks so much for including my tray :)

  7. Thanks Tiffany! This made our day:) Please come back and visit sometime soon.

  8. I own the leaf dish, #7. It's sitting on my coffee table on a stack of books. Love it! When I come to Atlanta, we are definitely going to Pieces!!! Oh, and yes, I have gotten out of bed to change a blog post. :)

  9. I love little touches of gold!


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