Weekend In Six

Hello!! How was your weekend? I hope it was fabulous. My weekend was both busy and restful. It started off with happy hour- a much much much needed happy hour with good friends and big baskets of tortilla chips. I think I ate about 1,000 chips - ok maybe 500. I also had the BEST glass of Sauvignon Blanc I have ever had. It was Vina San Pedro 35 Degrees South. Inexpensive. Delicious.

Tulips have been on my nightstand every week for the last month. I can't get enough of them.

After my Pilates class on Saturday, I ordered a Thai chicken salad with edamame. Can you tell I love salads?? After I ordered the salad, the cashier asked me if would like a pastry for $.99. I said, "Yes!" before I even realized I said yes. I got an orange scone. I took it home, photographed it and planned to save it for later. But I caved and took one bite and 5 bites later, the only thing left were crumbs. So much for Pilates. So much for the salad.

After lunch, I went to dreamland (i.e. Restoration Hardware). The living room was the first thing I saw. I wish I could have told the cashier to just put it all on my credit card... THEN I saw that bedroom. Dreamy is the word right? I heart dreamland...

Oh and my weekend treat...
Banana Republic. On sale. Love. 

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  1. I need to spend a weekend with you! FUN!!! Love, love, love that necklace!!! Will have to check out the wine too.

  2. Sounds perfect, Tiffany. Thanks for the wine tip and that scone looks so yummy!

  3. You always have the prettiest Instagrams! And love your Banana Republic necklace, amazing find!

  4. Is that orange scone from Panera? I get one every time I go there. They are soooo good! I heart RH too. I need to go in to see their new merchandise. Looks dreamy to me. We sure do have a lot in common! Love that!

  5. Awesome find on that necklace! And yes, I agree with you about that bedroom--that tufted headboard is awesome.

  6. That necklace is to die for! AWESOME FIND!!! Thanks for sharing - enjoy your week. Jalon

  7. Ohhh the tulips just make me smile. Always!

  8. Lovely photographs! What a gorgeous weekend! And I love the necklace :)


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