Friday's Fancies: The Wedge

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So I have this crazy thing for wedges. I wear them all year round because my feet love the comfort of them. They told me so... :)

I've seen some really cute wedges for spring and these are a few of my favorites. The first four are perfect for casual outings. I really like the floral wedges by TOMS. They would be perfect with a pair of white shorts and a solid tank or tee. The last two would be perfect for work. The older I get, the more imperative it is for me AND my feet to be comfortable while I'm working. Can you relate?

Are you loving a certain type of shoe for spring? 

Are you also LOVING the fact that it's Friday? I certainly am! Happy weekend...

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  1. Oh my God, those floral Toms!!! Love them!

  2. Hi Tiffany, every spring/summer, I buy at least a few pairs of wedges...they are comfy, give me a few extra inches and add a little something to every outfit, love the Guccis but they are a tad high...gotta stay under 3 or 4" to make them practical:) Pretty choices!!

  3. Of course, I love the Gucci wedges!! All great picks!

  4. wish that first one came without the ankle strap. love the color!

  5. I love wedges too. They really are so comfortable! And I've been eyeing a pair of TOMS wedges for a while. Maybe it's time I finally splurge????

    Love your blog my dear! So beautiful :)


  6. I LOVE wedges too! Especially because I'm short and they make you taller, but aren't uncomfortable like heels! I'll take #1!

  7. I'm right there with you on wedges! They're so comfy and chic at the same time! Love all your picks!


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