A Champagne Picnic + Links...

Hi there! I hope you had a splendid week! My week was quite productive, so I am welcoming this weekend with open arms. What are you up to this weekend? I wish I could say I plan to spend hours sipping on champagne and lounging on the blanket in the photo, but instead I will be attending my first Pilates class in over two months (Lord help me), running errands, preparing for Mother's Day and testing a recipe or two. Watching Silver Linings Playbook is also on my to-do list. Is it any good?? Let me know!

Here are some good links for ya! Happy weekend!

If you love looking at celeb homes or need fresh inspiration for your own home, this new site is the perfect place to look...

Of course her apartment looks amazing!

If you or any of your friends are expecting a baby, you should enter this lovely giveaway...

I had no idea! I'll never look at him the same...

Why you might consider "liking" before you love a pin on Pinterest...

A great thing to do for your feet and your mind in your spare time...

I could spend hours browsing this blog...

Image by Albertina of Mimosa Lane

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  1. Pretty sandals! I read about that about TC too, I wonder if it's something very common and we just don't notice? Anyway, have a great weekend!! and good luck with your class!

  2. That is hilarious about tom cruise...and love the tips about "liking" before pinning. Happy weekend to you!

  3. I am loving Domaine home as well, can't get enough! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Enjoy your weekend Tiffany....enjoy that Pilates class and reward yourself with something yummy!

  5. Thanks for all the fun links. I will start exploring them. And Silver Lining Playlist....you have to watch it so you know what people are talking about....the actin is good....that oscar worthy?? not sure....and some of the side stories didn't feel plausible.....mmmehhh.....but I think you should see it because so many people loved it, maybe you will to. happy Weekend!

  6. This photo is everything!

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