Club Monoco Canfora Gail Sandal | Crate & Barrel Lander Sconce | Delano Fixed Gear Bike
| Pomegranate Black Poppy Tote | Lulu Frost Tassel Necklace  | Chloe Metallic Wedge Sandals | Uttermost Aero Glass Accent Table | Federalist Style Gold Convex Mirror | Carine Gilson Halterneck Bikini Top/Bottom | J. Crew Skinny Rope Belt

This happens often... I window shop online and save my faves in a folder on my desktop. When I review what I've saved, they fit a color scheme. That was the case here. I know bright, cheery colors are in at the moment, but for whatever reason I am loving browns, whites and golds right now. They are just pretty and sophisticated to me. That swimsuit is a bit of an exception here. I love that pattern and the colors and I couldn't help myself. 

P.S. I found a federal convex mirror similar to that one at an antique store last week for $19! I've only been looking for one for about 100 years. I plan to spray paint mine to look exactly like that $135 mirror. Patience is a virtue... :)

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  1. This list is fabulous and I'm mildly obsessed with that bikini!

  2. How rad is that bike?!!! Love it!

  3. That bike is insane! Love everything!

  4. Great list! Love that porthole mirror!


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