Pretty Amazing...

Hi there... How was your week? Well, I feel like I spent more time with my Neti Pot this week than finding good links for you online. I have some sinus/cold situation that is taking its slow time exiting my life. So I apologize for the lack of links! But isn't that space above designed by Jennifer Reynolds pretty amazing?? :) I could spend the entire weekend in that bed!

I won't be spending the entire weekend in bed, but I will take some time to relax, catch up on things around the house, hopefully bake my first layered cake (yikes) and attend a BBQ in honor of Memorial Day. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and I will see you here next week! 

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  1. Hope you're feeling completely better soon. I look forward to pictures of the layer cake--I know it will be great! :)

  2. Oooo, what a lovely space. Hope you get some great rest and have an awesome weekend!

  3. Oh that colour blue is one of my faves and that side table is gorgeous! The headboard reminds me of one that my grandmother had but it was pink and I always coveted it. I think my aunt still has it but now I think I would prefer the blue ;)

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Elie has a sinus thing going on too, and Katie has been sneezing all day...something is definitely in the air round here!!!


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