Sophisticated Brass...

I realize brass fixtures have been back on the scene for a while now, but I had to share some of my recent finds. I never in a million years thought I would wish for brass fixtures after years of loving everything in oil-rubbed bronze, but fixtures like these totally caught my attention. These brushed brass fixtures add warmth to the cool white backdrops. They add a sophisticated flair to these spaces that has made made me scour the net to see what the latest and greatest offerings are in brass fixtures. I loved what I saw, especially this fixture and this fixture. Now I just need a few 1,000 dollars to completely renovate an existing space to my liking to make a home for them. Wishful thinking... :)

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  1. I wish all my fixtures were brass! Love them so much!

  2. I love brass fixtures and they will never be on my back burner, no matter what the trend. Lovely photos.

  3. I love them as well!! So beautiful! I love them everywhere, bathrooms...

  4. I think the "new" bras is gorgeous, a bit more toned down than those of days gone by.

  5. So sophisticated!! I couldn't agree more!

  6. these are all so good! I'm all over brass fixtures, would love to find a place for one or two, or three in our home!

  7. I am all over it like nobody's business!!! xo

  8. Those brass elements are perfection!

  9. Αυτό το σετ είναι 100% βαμβάκι και άνετο στη χρήση,
    Κάθε σετ τυλίγεται ξεχωριστά.
    Το σετ περιέχει:
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    Μέγεθος: XXL
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