Wanting These Wedges

Sorry guys. I'm still on my shoe kick (see yesterday's post). I was flipping through the new issue of High Gloss and saw these Paloma Barcelo's hanging out at the bottom of page 8. I was with my mom when I saw them. When I showed them to her she said, "I can't walk in those!!" Typical motherly response. But I love em' and wsh I could find a cheaper version! These are $275 a pop... I would pair these with a cute little dress- nothing that's "too much." The shoes say it all. I would show you my thoughts using Polyvore, but it doesn't quite like me yet...

I hope you have a fun weekend planned! I'll be spending it with my family. I love saying that. See ya on Monday!

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  1. Those are beautiful !! but I have to side with your mom (yes im old-LOL) I would break both legs and an arm walking in those.

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