Hi! Was your weekend good to you? I hope so... My weekend couldn't have been better. I spent some time with good friends, ate the BEST key lime pie here, slept late, pinned lots and watched a few hours of Million Dollar Listing NY. Not sure why I love that show, but I do. One of the best parts of my weekend was walking around my local farmers market. I had the best time tasting fresh food made with a lot of love, talking to the vendors, taking in all of the colors and appreciating the art of good and healthy food. But I had the most fun taking pictures...

Many of you have asked me how to learn photography. My #1 answer is to practice, practice and practice some more. One of the BEST places to practice photography is at an outdoor farmers market. There are tons of colors and textures everywhere. Most of the produce is already beautifully styled for you, so you are bound to get good photos, whether you are using a DSLR camera or the camera on your phone. Here are four quick tips if you plan to take your camera on your next trip to the farmers market...

1 // Always ask the vendor if it is ok to photograph their items. They usually don't mind, but it's always polite to ask. 

2 // The best photos come from taking picture of objects that are out of direct sunlight. Going earlier in the morning is the best time to go since the sun is not quite all the way out. It's less crowded then, too.

3 // Since everything already looks pretty and is styled perfectly, this is the time to focus your energy on playing around with your camera settings. If you have a DSLR camera, the best photos come from using the Manual Mode. This post has a great chart on how to use Manual Mode. My suggestion would be to start with a medium aperture of maybe 5.6 and play around with your shutter speed to get the right balance of light in the photo. It was cloudy outside (which is ideal), so I took all of these photos with a 50 mm lens, an ISO of either 400 or 800 and an aperture of 4.5 - 5.6 with various shutter speeds. 

4// Most importantly, have fun and try not to get frustrated when your photos don't come out to your liking. Just try again. You will get it!

P.S. My photos of the Charleston Farmers Market here and here...
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  1. You right! The farmer's market is a great place to practice photo taking! Glad your weekend went well!

  2. Beautiful! I need to make a trip to the outdoor market. The indoor one does not allow photography.

  3. Aren't farmers' markets pure eye candy?!!? Lovelovelove.

    Also loving your beautiful blog here. Cheers for doing so great at making a visually pleasing place here on the web.


  4. Gorgeous shots! Ironically I spent a lot of time reading "Plate to Pixel" and also photographing my new little niece.

  5. Ah one of my favorite places to take photos! Oh so lovely pics and super colorful too!

  6. Photos came out great ... now I'm craving corn (photo looks soooo real!).

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