Hi there! I could scream to the mountaintops about how happy I am that today is Friday! The holidays for me make December one of my favorite months. But it is also one of my busiest months! Between year-end planning at work and planning for Christmas - my weeks can be a bit tiring! So this weekend, I really do plan to just chill. There will be limited errands, a fun dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a good friend who makes me laugh, and online Christmas shopping and Christmas movie watching from the comfort of my couch. A forecast of rainy weather should help me stick to that plan... :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Their sales are making it easy for me to find gifts for others and hard for me not to shop for myself...

I could live here...

A delicious way to start Christmas Day...

And a delicious way to bring in the new year...

An easy, simple holiday decor DIY that could double as a beautiful gift...

A few ideas that might spice up your life during the remaining days of 2013...

In case you are looking for another cookie recipe to add to your holiday cookie repertoire...

30 things to stop doing to yourself...

Adorable. Just adorable...

Smile please...

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  1. Great roundup. That smores cake looks delicious! Happy weekend!

  2. Hey Tiffany....beautiful picture, proof that even the simplest gifts can be just beautiful!

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