So for the past few years, I have made and photographed a favorite holiday cocktail (here and here). This year time just didn't permit. But know that I'll still be making some sort of concoction for Christmas and New Years! On most days, I perfer white wine. But cocktails around the holidays are just a necessity to me. They are just a little more special and personable than the standard beer or wine. So if you feel the same way and are looking for something special for that party, family dinner or holiday evening on the couch, these cocktails by some talented virtual bartenders might do the trick... 

P.S. More of the "Best Of" series here...
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  1. Okay--So I am pregnant--but I have to say, these cocktails sound amazing. Haha. Especially the proscecco.


    1. Holiday cocktails are always a million times prettier and delicious than ordinary cocktails in my opinion! They're quite the lookers! دانلود آهنگ شاد

  2. Holiday cocktails are always a million times prettier and delicious than ordinary cocktails in my opinion! They're quite the lookers!

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