Hi there! Is it me or did this weekend fly by ENTIRELY too fast?? I swear it was Friday five hours ago... Anyway, even though the weekend flew by for me, I did accomplish a few things. This weekend I...

+ Finally finished decorating my tree and my living room for Christmas. I raided Target for a few last minute decorations like those metallic mitten ornaments and the snow globe. Snow globes remind me of my childhood - the days when I wholeheartedly believed in Santa and spent all of Christmas day in my pj's playing with the new toys that he obviously dropped off. I miss those days, so I bought that snow globe...

+ Made a certain cookie for the first time that turned out AMAZING! Of course I'll share them with you later this week. All of my Christmas lights were on and one of my favorite movies, Father Of The Bride, was on TV in the background as I was whipping them up in the kitchen. Here is what that whole scene looked like. I was in heaven...

+ Returned this top that I spoke so highly of last week. I was truly hoping it would work out, but it totally didn't. It was absolutely beautiful - on the hanger. But when I tried it on, the peplum was HUGE! It looked like I was wearing a tutu around my waist. No good... But while I was in the store, I purchased this mug, which made me feel better...

+ Made these fabulous black bean burgers for the first time for lunch on Sunday. They were SO flavorful and so easy to make. If you are trying to keep things on the light side during the holidays, then I highly recommend these...

+ Wrapped my first gift of the season using this ribbon tutorial I found on Pinterest. How'd I do? I don't have a glue gun (am I the only one??) so I just used tape instead. I think it worked... :)

I hope your week gets off to a good start!

Images by me

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  1. Tis the season!! These photos made me so incredibly giddy with glee :)

  2. You are getting so good at photography! Love these!
    And Father of the Bride will always be one of my very favorite movies:)

  3. Oooh love all of these pics. That glorious red ribbon is beautiful!

  4. I'm getting you a glue gun for your birthday! Almost as good as Oprah tickets, but not quite!

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