Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! My long weekend was GREAT!! I...

+ Contributed that AMAZING vanilla pound cake that you see there to the Thanksgiving dessert table. My family loves it, so I make it every year for Thanksgiving. I posted the recipe here in case you are interested...

+ Made this macaroni and cheese recipe that contained a small fortune of fresh cheeses. It was so worth it though! I did change up the recipe a bit. I added double the cheese, an extra 3/4 teaspoons of seasoned salt, and 1/2 cup more of half and half. It was a hit!

+ Drank cheap, yet really good wine with my brother, watched football, read Giada's new cookbook (loved it), relaxed around the parent's house and had no worries or major responsibilities for five days straight. Heaven.

+ Ordered this top on Black Friday that I've wanted since last year. It was 20% off and I couldn't resist! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll like the fit once it comes in!

+ Topped off my five days of bliss by decorating for Christmas. My decor is simple and neutral (as always). I found that cable knit tree skirt at HomeGoods and that neutral berry wreath at Target that would be perfect for my office door... Love good finds from HomeGoods and Tarjay...

I hope you have a good Monday and Happy December!!

Images by me

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  1. That mac and cheese sounds ridiculously good!

  2. Looks like an indulgent weekend! Nothing better :) After having some subpar mac and cheese at a restaurant over the weekend, I really need a fantastic recipe to make up for it! No mac and cheese should be subpar!

  3. Looks like an incredible weekend! I'm with everyone else the mac and cheese sounds amazing!

  4. Lovin that wreath!!!! That vanilla pound cake sounds amazing!!!!

  5. Love your finds and these gorgeous pictures! Glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving with your family.

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