I always get excited when the latest issues of the online design magazines are released. Reading them during my lunch break and before bed is one of my favorite things to do. I was reading the latest issue of Lonny during lunch the other day and ran across this stunning kitchen. I think I said, "Wow..." out loud in my office as soon as I saw it. This space was designed by one of my favorite designers, Naomi Stein of Design Manifest. What I love the most about this kitchen are the little details that set it aside from the typical white kitchen. I love how she chose a black and brass hood paired with the black stove - as opposed to using stainless options. They pair so well with the other elements of the kitchen. The subway tile is actually a pale blue instead of white. I think that adds a nice softness to the space. And the mirrored pantry - LOVE. The mirrors add such a glamorous touch. The homeowner said the mirror are a snack deterrent. Ha. The pendants are the perfect "jewelry" for the space. They stand out, but are clear and open, which allows the eye to keep moving through the space. I really like that. I really like everything and just had to share it with you... :)

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